What Is Business Services?

Business services is an umbrella term that encompasses any service that helps a company operate, regardless of whether it produces tangible goods. Some of the most important business services include IT, finance and insurance, and shipping and logistics. Businesses that don’t offer these types of services internally may turn to third-party providers for help. Other common business services include marketing and consulting. In addition, many people working in business services support other companies by selling them products and services, like equipment and software.

For example, a computer repair company provides an IT business service to its clients by helping them troubleshoot issues with their computers and other devices. A company that sells office furniture and supplies provides a supply-related business service to its clients by helping them find the best options for their workplace needs. Likewise, a business that provides training for its clientele on topics like sales and customer service can also be considered a business service.

Because business services are intangible, they can be harder to quantify than goods. However, most businesses rely on them to function effectively and efficiently. The intangibility of business services is also what makes them different from goods, as they cannot be stored and used at a later time.

Some of the most common types of business services are IT services, accounting services, marketing services and consulting services. These types of business services are important to most businesses because they provide necessary tools for a company to grow and compete in the market.

Other types of business services include procurement and shipping services, which allow a company to purchase and ship necessary materials for its operations. Finance services are another essential type of business service, as they provide a means for businesses to manage their financial assets and liabilities. Insurance services are a type of business service that protects businesses from financial losses due to accidents or disasters.

People who work in business services are often the ones who come up with creative ways for their employer or client to save money. They might recommend a new technology or tool that can make an operation more efficient or effective, or they might suggest other ways to improve quality or reduce costs. For instance, a computer technician might recommend upgrading the software for a company’s entire workforce, or an IT manager might suggest switching to cloud-based IT infrastructure.

The qualifications needed for a job in business services depend on the industry and role. For example, someone who works in a basic industry such as shipping, administrative support or janitorial might only need a high school diploma and a strong work ethic. But someone who works in a more professional industry such as IT, law or consulting might need at least a bachelor’s degree. In some cases, employers may require a master’s degree or higher.