What is Entertainment?

Generally speaking, entertainment is the activity or task that gives pleasure to an audience. The concept of entertainment has been developed over thousands of years and has different meanings.


Whether it’s an event, an activity, or an idea, the meaning of entertainment has evolved over thousands of years. It’s a word that is associated with amusement, fun, and laughter. This word is derived from Old French entretenir, meaning to hold something together. The word also comes from the Latin tenere, meaning to stretch.

The definition of entertainment is an activity that is meant to provide diversion or enjoyment to an audience. It can also provide an amusement for people in their leisure time. The word can be used to describe a variety of activities, such as music, theater, and visual entertainment. The industry that creates and distributes entertainment is the media industry. These industries include film, television, and radio. Entertainment may also have a religious or satirical purpose.


Whether it is music, movies, plays or games, entertainment is an activity that gives people enjoyment and pleasure. It also stimulates the chemicals in the brain. The brain was designed to understand the world, and entertainment often hits on social themes. Whether it is a movie or a sports game, you can be involved in entertainment actively or passively.

The most common form of entertainment is watching movies or television shows. You can also play sports or participate in activities as a hobby. The Internet has expanded the entertainment industry, and there are a variety of websites that can help you find entertainment that matches your interests.