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Whether you’re interested in the local news, international news, or news of the day, there’s something for everyone in our News section. We cover everything from crime and money to food and drink and human interest stories. We also cover local TV advertising revenue, which helps you find out how much your local television station earns.

Crime and money

Getting an understanding of crime and money in the news is important for anyone interested in stopping a criminal from doing business as usual. The best way to do that is to understand the criminal blueprint. There are several components to the blueprint.

Most criminals had resourcefulness, speed and creativity, although many chose crime instead of innovation. They had the uncanny attraction to risk and the ability to network.

Organised crime groups are often sophisticated when it comes to hiding their money. They can even invest ill-gotten gains in real estate. They can also provide bribes to governments and public officials.

Human interest stories

Creating human interest stories can be a great way to engage consumers and add depth to your news content. By focusing on individual people and events, these stories can inspire emotional responses. They can also be thought-provoking and spark debate.

Human interest stories can take several forms, including news segments, editorial pieces, and documentary series. These types of stories are usually published in newspapers, but may also be featured in magazines and digital media.


Using a smartphone and a good wireless router, you can access the latest weather and traffic news and forecasts in real time. Whether you are in a hurry or want to keep an eye on your favorite sport, you can have the latest information at your fingertips. You might even be able to get all the weather and traffic reports you can handle in one go. The best part is you can do it for free.

Food and drink

Among the many food and drink magazines to choose from, Food and Drink News is a top contender. Not only is it a well-researched publication, it caters to the full spectrum of the food and drink industry. With the advent of the internet, access to a plethora of information is a breeze. Its latest incarnation, Food and Drink News UK, is published four times a year in print form and three times a year online.

Local TV advertising revenue figures

During the past decade, retransmission fees have grown dramatically. This has caused broadcasters to feel like they are consoling themselves. However, the growth in retransmission fees cannot hide the dramatic drop in ad revenue.

In addition to national television and radio ad revenues, local TV and digital advertising revenues grew 6% in 2020. Digital advertising revenues are estimated to account for seven percent of total ad revenue. The growth in digital advertising revenue is forecast to continue.